Kilimanjaro Rongai route 6 Days

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Kilimanjaro rongai route 6 days is the only path that reaches Kilimanjaro from the north, close to the Kenyan border, is the Rongai way. Rongai has a limited volume of visitors, despite its growing appeal among climbers.

It is the recommended way for those searching for a less crowded option to the Marangu route, those seeking a more isolated trek, and those climbing during the wet season (the north side receives less precipitation).

A minimum of six days is needed for this trip, with seven days being suggested. Rongai compensates for the lack of variety in scenery by traveling through genuine wilderness regions for days before reaching the Marangu route at Kibo camp.

This trail follows the Marangu trail. Rongai is a fairly challenging route that is highly recommended, particularly for people who are new to backpacking.

Kilimanjaro Rongai route 6 Days

Day by Day Itinerary

You will be picked up from Kilimanjaro International Airport and transported to your accommodation in Moshi town, where you will meet your guide who will educate you on your forthcoming trip and do an equipment check to ensure that you have all of the required mountain gear. On this day, you may hire the missing equipment.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner are all Included



This morning, we’ll travel to Nale Moru, which serves as the beginning point for the Rongai trail. The trip begins with a section through farmland and pine woods. You may spot some lovely Colobus monkeys or, if you’re fortunate, elephants or buffalos along the way. The Simba Camp, situated at 2625m on the border of the moorland zone, will be our first stop.

  • Distance traveled: 8km 
  • Time spent: 5hrs
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner are all Included



We walk 5.8 kilometers from Simba camp up towards Kibo to 3 482 meters for lunch at First Caves. We continue hiking after lunch until we reach Kikelewa Camp, which is located at an elevation of 3679 meters.

The vistas begin to open up, and you get the feeling that you’re on a really large mountain! Water may be obtained in a clear stream below the cave, but you may have to go a little farther downwards to locate a pool or two. At Kikelewa camp, you may have supper and stay the night.

  • Time spent:  7hrs
  • Distance traveled: 11.8 km
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner are all Included



This wilderness region is best seen from a short but hard hike up grassy hills. The vegetative zone stops just before you arrive at Mawenzi Tarn, which is beautifully located under Mawenzi’s towering spires. Spend the day getting to know the region and acclimating.

  • Distance traveled: 8km 
  • Time spent: 4 – 5hrs
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner are all Included



After breakfast, we go west and continue climbing on the east side of Kibo, passing the Mawenzi-Kibo saddle and arriving at Kibo Hut in 4 to 5 hours. The rest of the day is spent recuperating until the last climb, which starts after midnight. Kibo hut is where you’ll spend the night.

  • Distance traveled: 8km 
  • Time spent: 6hrs
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner are all Included


DAY 5 – KIBO HUT (4730M) – UHURU PEAK (5895M) – HOROMBO HUT (3705M)

You’ll wake up about 23h20, have some tea and cookies, and then trudge off into the darkness, where the going becomes very difficult. The route begins with a rough road leading to the Hans Meyer Cave (5150m), which is also an excellent resting place.

The route then ascends in a zigzag pattern to Gillman’s point (5 681m), which is situated on the crater rim. This stretch is very steep, with a lot of stone scree, and it takes a lot of physical and mental work to complete.

This is the most difficult part of the whole trail. Move slowly while doing the Kili shuffle. Snow is usually encountered from Gillmans Point all the way up to Uhuru Peak (5895m), Africa’s highest point.

Exhilaration and fulfillment abound – you’ve accomplished your goal.

The weather on the summit will decide how much time you have to shoot before the three-hour descent down to Kibo hut. After a brief break at Kibo hot springs, you collect all of your stuff that you left behind on the climb and descend to Horombo hut (3 hours) for the night.

In comparison to the climb, the descent to Horombo hut will be quite quick. This day will take about 14 weeks to complete, so be prepared for a long day.

Later that evening, you enjoy your last supper on the mountain (with soft drinks and beer available for purchase at the camp office) and a well-deserved sleep, full with memories and stirring emotions.

  • Time spent: 8hrs to reach Uhuru Peak,  8hrs to descend to Horombo
  • Distance traveled: 15hrs
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner are all Included



After breakfast, continue your descent (6 hours) to the Marangu gate, passing through the Mandara lodge. It is highly advised that you do not tip the porters until you and all of your belongings have safely arrived at the gate.

At Marangu Gate, you must sign a register with your name and contact information. Successful climbers will also get their summit certificates here. Green certificates are given to climbers who reach Gillman’s Point (5685m), while gold awards are given to climbers who reach Uhuru Peak (5895m).

You’re now on your way back to Moshi for a long-awaited hot shower, supper, a comfortable bed, and celebrations!!

  • Time spent: 6hrs
    Distance traveled: 29 km
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner are all Included



After the hike, you’ll have the rest of the day free to relax before your trip home. Before going to the airport, you may go tour Moshi town and pick up some souvenirs, depending on departure schedules.

*If you want to continue seeing Tanzania, add-ons such as safaris, Zanzibar, and other excursions are available.

  • Meals: Breakfast is included in the price.

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